10 Fun Amazing Facts about Cars


Have we begun to take them for granted? For sure! Cars have been here with us for a century, so we have long forgotten the times when we didn’t have the freedom to move about quickly wherever we wish. So here are 10 Fun Amazing Facts about Cars:

  1. 2.9 million miles is the all-time record milage up to now. This record was obtained by a Greek taxi driver, whose Mercedes car is now a museum exponate. (He got a new car in exchange for donating this amazing one)!
  2. The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck depicts the sufferance of Americans during the great depression. The play by his work was initially allowed by the Soviets, but later it was also banned, because the communist audiences could see that even the poorest Americans could still afford to have a car.
  3. The first gasoline-engine car was built by Karl Benz around 1885-1886. Quite a long history, huh?
  4. Around 1903-1904, the Model T car was first sold by Henry Ford. This marked the moment cars finally undoubtedly entered the lives of common people as a mainstream element. They’ve basically been with us ever since.
  5. Norway has strict rules about advertising “green” “good” and non-polluting cars. They kind of believe no cars can possibly be truly good on the environment – there are only lower levels of evil. We understand their point of view, but we also need to acknowledge the necessity of cars.
  6. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many cars there actually are on Earth? About a billion!
  7. We know there are “many” cars produced every year, but again – have you ever wondered just how many those were? Nobody has counted them to the last item, but there are about 165.000 new cars being manufactured yearly.

Some of these cars are rented by the hundreds of international car rental services – you can basically find a car anywhere on Earth.