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Chile Car Hire

    Chile occupies a very long and relatively narrow strip of coast in South America, despite this it has a lot of sights to offer and the best way to see as much as possible of it is with the help of our Chile car rental services.

    The reason and requirements of your trip should influence your choice of car while in Chile, thankfully our Chile car hire offices offer a lot of models ranging from the compact Ford Focus to a Chrysler Voyager if what you need is a minivan.

    If you find yourself on a sightseeing trip through Chile then you will definitely need a car since its shape means that it offers different types of sights depending on the general area of the country that you find yourself in. For instance if you find yourself in the South of the country you will probably want to visit the coastal towns, but if you wish to experience the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert, you will want to travel to the North of the country.

    The easiest way of visiting the two diametrically opposed locations is of course by car, and you mustn’t be afraid of any extra charges if you drive a little bit too much because our Chile car rental base rates include unlimited mileage so you could make this South to North trip without any fear of extra charges due to distance. Also included in our base rates is breakdown assistance, so no matter where you are on the roads of Chile, if anything goes wrong you can rest assured that help will be on its way.

    On the other hand, traveling through a foreign country is an adventure on its own and even more so when you don’t understand the language, so if that is the case then you should consider our extra option of getting GPS installed in your car.

    Whether you land at Antofagasta Airport, Santiago Airport or Validivia Airport, you can pick up the vehicle you hired from our Chile car rental offices.

Chile Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire