Waterford Car Hire

Waterford Car Hire

If you plan on visiting the oldest city in Ireland make sure to consider our Waterford car hire services for when you do. Throughout its history, especially in the medieval era, Waterford absorbed several surrounding villages and this offers the city quite a few cultural quarters, the oldest of which being the Viking one.

You will probably get into the city via Waterford Airport, situated a mere six kilometers from the city. Once you touch down you can meet up with our Waterford car rental representative and he or she will be able to give you the keys to your car so that you can start heading towards your destination as soon as possible.

Once you reach Waterford you can choose to explore the city either by foot, bus or your own car. Obviously due to the city’s relative small size and medieval feel you will want to explore certain areas on foot, in fact the entire center of the place is pedestrianized, but getting to those areas is best done by car, this is especially true if you want to explore the city’s surroundings.

Considering its location, Waterford features generally wet and windy weather with mild summers but rain can be a constant during the summer as well, make sure to always have an umbrella with you and don’t let it put you off.

Waterford offers many types of attractions so that pretty much any visitor can find something to see or do beyond the usual museums or historical sites. Dunmore East for instance is a wonderfully picturesque fishing village or Ardmore is a beautiful beach resort featuring a stunning cliff walk, a fine raft shop, an important early Christian site as well as a great restaurant, and not to mention seaside accommodations, this is definitely a great place to start your holiday in.

The city is also well known for its Waterford Crystal, which is hand blown and cut, and you can tour the factory and see the master craftsmen do their magic.

As far as museums go, Waterford has something unique to offer in The Waterford Treasures Museum which is located inside the old Granary, a great place to house literary thousands of artifacts from the many archaeological digs around the place.

Waterford Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire