If you plan to visit Moldova’s capital any time soon make sure to consider our Chisinau car hire services for the best experience possible. It is unfortunate that Moldova – not to be confused with the Moldova region of neighboring Romania – is one of the poorest countries in Europe  but Chisinau is a relatively wealthy place when compared to the rest of the country. This being said this is still pretty much a post-Soviet city and offers a very particular visiting experience.

If you fly into the country you will be landing at Chisinau Airport which is connected to the city via taxis which have a fixed fare for getting people into the city. A much better option would be to employ our Chisinau car rental services and have a car ready for you at the airport as soon as you land. You should warned that in many of these ex-Soviet countries, especially the ones so far into Eastern Europe the roadways range from acceptable to catastrophic, so getting a four wheel drive car would not be a bad idea unless you’re really adepts at avoiding potholes.

Once you reach the city you may find that traffic is quite a mess and you can always choose to use the mostly reliable public transportation options unless you enjoy the challenge of course.

When you visit Chisinau you have to visit the Stefan Cel Mare Monument this is a monument dedicated to Stephen The Great of Moldavia who was a 14th century ruler or “voievod” who achieved fame by resisting the might of the Ottoman Empire which was wreaking havoc across Eurasia at that time. The monument acts as a gateway to a beautiful park which bares the same name.

There are quite a few parks in Chisinau which offer a specific type of experience that you can only find in ex-Soviet states like the Valea Morilor Park which features a huge abandoned drained lake offering many acres of basically wild countryside in the heart of the city.

There are a couple more things to see in Chisinau but the city was not built for tourists, the fact of the matter is that when you come here you can experience something of the Soviet era when you see the rows upon rows of grey, square apartment buildings and the general vibe of the place. With the help of our Chisinau car hire services you can experience the place first hand as well as venture out beyond it a bit to taste some of the local wines which are rather unknown in Western Europe but very good.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire