Philippines Car HirePhilippines Car Hire

Philippines Car Hire

    The Philippines is made up of an archipelago of many thousands of islands and it is home of one of the larges populations in the world. Most of the population is concentrated on the couple large islands and the best way to get around them would be with the aid of our Philippines car rental services.

    Our available car fleet in the Philippines contains a variety of choice, ranging from small cars like the Hyundai Accent and Ford Focus to more hardy cars like the Toyota Hilux Pickup or the Nissan Patrol. And honestly you might want to consider one of these larger more hardy cars if you will be spending any amount of time outside the main cities as the country’s road infrastructure is woefully underdeveloped. This means that you will benefit from getting a four by four due to the lack of asphalt and also the country’s inherent mountainous rugged terrain.

    Thankfully you do benefit from breakdown assistance regardless of the type of car that you hire from any of our partners in the country, so in the case that something does happen you can rest assured that help is on the way. Another one of the features included in our basic Philippines car hire rates is unlimited mileage, which means that as opposed to other car hire companies we do not charge you extra if you exceed a given number of miles.

    Our Philippines car rental options also come with collision damage and car theft waivers as part of our base rates, but we also offer a series of extra options in order to further personalize your car. One very common extra option for instance is installing GPS in the car you hire. By now many people are used to having some sort of GPS in their car to help them navigate through a new place better. This is that much more important when having to navigate through a completely foreign country.

    Our Philippines car hire representatives will be ready at any of the main airports to deal with the paperwork and hand the car over, so whether you land in Manila Airport, General Santos or Davao Airport, the car will be there and ready for you to start driving it towards your destination.

Philippines Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire