Braga Car Hire

Braga Car Hire

Braga is a beautiful city which is best visited with the help of our Braga car hire services. It is a rather well known city thanks to its plethora of historical architecture, monuments and especially public gardens and fountains.

The city is a great example of how traditional religious devotion can exist alongside the hustle and bustle of a modern city as evidenced by the many churches that one can find amongst the restaurants and bars.

Getting into the city can be done via all modes of land travel, be it train, bus or car but traveling by air is not a possibility, one of your best choices would be to employ our Portugal car rental services from a nearby city such as Porto or Lisbon and then drive into Braga. On the other hand if you reach the place by any other means you should also consider employing our Braga car rental services as your means of transportation through the place.

The area that the city occupies has been settled since about the third century BC when the Celts first founded a city that has ever since been an important culture and trade hub, throughout the Roman times as well. The name of Braga comes from the Latin Bracara Augusta.

Braga has been an important religious center for many centuries, it has been rumored that the Visigoths would travel here in order to denounce their heresies, and to compound this tradition of religious devotion the city became the seat of the Portuguese archbishops in the 12th century and this turned Braga into something of a religious capital.

Thankfully this historical heritage has been very well maintained thanks to a series of local laws which prevent the building of very high buildings in particular areas of the city in order to better preserve the medieval beauty of the place.

Braga is definitely a great place to visit for the religiously inclined as there are many attractions that one can visit such as the 12th century Cathedral which has seen a lot of architectural influences throughout the centuries now being a place where you can see small Gothic arches alongside Manueline statues. Keep in mind that you can visit this and many more sights around the city with the help of Braga car hire services.

In somewhat of a paradox to this deeply pious atmosphere is the university campus and the rather vibrant night-life that it has created in the city, but as said earlier this is a place where the various influences of old and new coexist.

Braga Car Hire

August 30th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire