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Serbia Car Hire

    Whether you are visiting Serbia as a tourist or you are there for business reasons, the best way to get around the place is with he help of our Serbia car hire services.

    We offer a wide variety of cars for you to choose from, ranging from smaller ones such as the Toyota Yago or Peugeot 107, ideal for urban transportation to larger vehicles such as the Toyota Rav4 or BMW X5, better suited for longer trips or for trips into Serbia’s mountains.

    The country is crisscrossed by many highways of major international importance so you will definitely be able to get where you are going much faster at the wheel of a car. And you can drive to your heart’s content as unlimited mileage is a feature included in our basic rates, so no matter how much you drive there will be no extra charges, as opposed to other car rental companies.

    Similarly our Serbia car rental base rates come with breakdown assistance as well as collision damage and car theft waivers. These are some things we offer as part of our basic rates in order to put your mind at ease about driving through a foreign country.

    In order to make your trip that much headache free, you always have the option of installing GPS in your car for a small fee. This is something that many individuals have grown accustomed to have in their car and they are even more so useful when driving through a foreign country where there might be a language barrier to deal with.

    Upon demand, our Serbia car hire offices can also outfit the car you rent with various extras such as a ski rack, or an extra luggage rack and of course children seats.

    Another feature we offer that other car hire companies will charge you extra for is the ability to pick up and drop off the car at different locations. Say you pick up the car at Belgrade Airport, you can then drop it off somewhere in Belgrade, or in Kraljevo or Novi Sad. This type of flexibility can allow you to plan your trip in a completely different way.

Serbia Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire