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Slovenia Car Hire

    While Slovenia is a rather small country when compared to its immediate European neighbors, it packs a lot of things to see and do, and our Slovenia car hire services will help you do and see as many of those things as possible.

    Slovenia’s geography has something to offer to almost any type of adventurous tourist, from great skiing and hiking possibilities in the Alpine northwest, to a bit of a Mediterranean feel in the southwest to something completely different in the east.

    Our Slovenia car rental fleet reflects the variety of the country with a variety of choice; you can choose from small and economy cars like a Ford Focus and Toyota Yaris to larger or more exotic cars like the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes E class and anything in between, including minivans.

    Regardless of the type of car that you choose to rent with our Slovenia car hire services, there is a set of basic features included in the price, such as unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance. These features should put you at ease in regards to driving in a foreign land and possibly breaking down in a foreign land.

    Similarly we also offer collision damage and car theft waivers so as to further put you at ease. Driving through Slovenia will require a vignette to but that is also taken care off from our basic rates.

    If you plan to visit the country during the winter season for a skiing trip, then make sure to book early and to also book extra options like ski racks and tire chains which you will need in order to navigate the Slovenian winter. These will only cost you a little bit extra, but they will go a long way to make your trip in the country that much better.

    You can pick up the car you rent with our Slovenia car hire services from any of the country’s main airports, whether it’s Ljubljana Airport, Maribor Airport or Portoroz Airport you can be sure that one of our representatives will be there waiting for you with the car’s keys and the relevant paperwork.



Slovenia Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire