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South Africa Car Hire

    If you are considering a trip to South Africa, you should know that an ideal way of getting around the country is by hiring the services of our South Africa car rental offices.

    Our fleet of cars in South Africa offers a great variety of choices depending on the requirements of your trip. If you will be spending most of your trip within urban limits you can go for something compact like a Nissan Tiida or Toyota Corolla, on the other hand if you’re visiting the country for business reasons you may want to get something a little bit more luxurious, maybe an Audi A4.

    The South African geography tends to be rather rugged, even inside some of the smaller city streets, but it is positively wild outside of them. If you plan a trip through the South African countryside you will want to get a four wheel drive vehicle. The great news is that our South Africa car hire offices will surely be capable of offering a car to satisfy your demands.

    Our partners have offices in all the major South Africa Airports and cities, so this means that you can pick up your reserved car from the moment you touch down at Cape Town Airport, Kimberley Airport or Durban Airport. Also in a bid to make your trip easier, you can drop off your car at any of our South Africa car rental drop-off points, without any extra charges.

    Now by hiring cars from our South Africa car rental offices you will benefit from a series of features such as unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance. Now these are incredibly useful features which are included in our base rate, so you don’t have to pay extra for any of them. But that is not all, you also get collision damage and vehicle theft waivers, which means that while driving one of our cars, you are covered.

    By getting one of our extra options you can be completely covered from extra charges even if a potential accident’s damages exceed the basic collision damage amount.

South Africa Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire