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Thailand Car Hire

    Thailand is a very popular tourist destination and sees visitors from across the globe thanks to its many ancient monuments. The country is a relatively large one and these various points of interest are spread around it so hiring the services of our Thailand car rental offices might be a good idea.

    Thailand features a mostly tropical climate, but thankfully all the cars in our Thailand fleet come with perfectly working air conditioning systems so you will only have to worry about the weather when you’re outside.

    Our Thailand car hire fleet offers a variety of automobiles ranging from compact cars such as the Hyundai Accent to less compact ones like the Toyota Fortuner or Nissan Maxima. Regardless of the choice you make however, you will get the exact same base rate features.

    Unlimited mileage is one of these basic features and it is an important one indeed considering the shape and size of the country, you might have to do a lot of driving in order to get to your destination. One other thing that tends to come with longer trips are mechanical breakdowns, this idea would be a pretty big annoyance if you were to be driving through your own country let alone a foreign one. The great news is that our Thailand car hire base rates come with breakdown assistance as well as collision damage and vehicle theft waivers, which basically means that no matter what happens or where, you are covered.

    You can pick up your car from any major Thailand airport, whether we’re talking about Bangkok Airport, Phuket Airport or Khon Khaen Airport. You can rest assured that the cars you hire from our Thailand car rental partners will have all of their road fees and taxes paid.

    We also offer several extra options one of which is the possibility of installing GPS in your rented car. This might be more of a necessity if you aren’t familiar with the local language and you’ll need to travel a lot outside the main cities.


Thailand Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire