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Tunisia Car Hire

    Tunisia is an African country situated in the northernmost location on the continent. Due to its location it has been involved in European history for as long as there have been civilization in the Mediterranean and as such it is a very important partner of the European Union in the present. Whether you visit the country because of business or for tourism purposes our Tunisia car hire services will surely come in handy.

    It isn’t a large country, but it is rather hot due to the Sahara desert making up most of the south of the country, thankfully most of the cars that you will want to hire from any of our Tunisia car rental offices will have up and running air conditioning.

    Even though it isn’t a very large country, you might still have to drive a lot to get to where you are going but even if you will be spending most of your time in one of the main cities you might still need to drive a bit in order to get around. The great thing is that we offer unlimited mileage as part of our base rates, so it doesn’t matter how much you will drive, you will never e charged extra for doing so.

    Other features that we include in our basic rates are breakdown assistance – always good to know you have backup in case something goes wrong with the car – collision damage and car theft waivers as well as liability insurance; we cover you from all points of view just with our basic rates.

    Our Tunisia car hire representatives can wait for you at any of the country’s main airports such as Melita Airport, Monastir Airport or of course Tunis Airport, ready to give you the keys to your car once all the legalities have been completed.

    You should take the time and book a car long before your actual trip in order to make sure that you will begetting the car that you want or need. This is especially important when you’re considering visiting a country during tourist high seasons when getting rental cars can be especially difficult.

Tunisia Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire