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Ukraine Car Hire

    Ukraine numbers amongst the top ten most popular tourist destination on the globe, it’s a place with lots to offer, both to the intrepid adventurous hiker as well as the one interested in the place’s historical sights. As such choosing to visit the country with the help of our Ukraine car rental services can prove to be a good idea from several points of view.

    The first advantage that you would get from hiring our Ukraine car hire services stems from the fact that the country is fairly large, so you will definitely benefit from having a car to drive around the country seeing all the sights that you want to see. In the same vein having a car at your disposal will allow you to go exactly where you want to, you won’t have to conform to any tourist packages and routes.

    Our Ukraine car rental fleet offers a lot of choice, ranging from small compact and economy cars, ideal for driving in urban environments to larger vehicles like the Saab 9-3 or BMW 3 series. Basically your choice of car should be informed by the type of activity that you will be undertaking while in the country, for instance if you are going to visit the country for a ski trip in the Carpathian Mountain range then you can opt for our extra option which will have a ski rack installed on the car you rent from us.

     One of the features included in our base Ukraine car rental rates is unlimited mileage which can prove to be a great thing if you’re planning a longer trek through the country, say if you want to visit both the mountains and the Ukrainian seaside. Our base rates also come with breakdown assistance so you don’t have to worry about car troubles that might arise during your trip.

    Our Ukraine car rental services are available in all major Ukraine airports, so whether you land in Kiev Airport, Simferopol Airport or Donetsk Airport you can pick up your car and start driving towards your destination.

Ukraine Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire