If you plan a trip to Birmingham, one of the mos populous cities in the United Kingdom, make sure to consider our Birmingham car hire services. The city was central to the Industrial Revolution and as such it benefited from the plethora of industries that were spawned by it. The city is home to a large network of canals which were used to transport raw materials and finished products to an from Birmingham.

At the present time the canals have been cleaned up to give birth to some great walkways and a slew of modern buildings have been constructed to replace those destroyed in the Second World War. These particularities of the place make Birmingham a forward looking city which also embraces its history and tries to preserver it best it can.

You will probably come into the city via Birmingham Airport, situated just eight miles east of the city’s center. The airport is connected to the city via a bus service, a train route as well as taxis but the best transportation that you can get is to hire a car from our Birmingham partner offices and have it ready and waiting for you at the airport as soon as you touch down.

Getting around Birmingham by car can be done but you would be best helped by a GPS system due to the place’s unintuitive one-way systems, also the center of the city is partially pedestrianized.

Just like most other historic large cities in the world and especially in the United Kingdom, Birmingham has quite a few museums and art galleries worth a visit. For instance the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery has some local history alongside temporary exhibitions as well as a very large permanent collection of paintings, however for something with a bit more local flavor you can visit the Sarehole Mill which is a preserved water mill from the city’s Industrial Revolution past.

Birmingham also offers a nice array of public parks such as the Birmingham Nature Centre, Cannon Hill Park or the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses. The city also offers a very vibrant and popular clubbing scene to those who are interested in the city’s nightlife.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire