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Coolest car museums around the world (Part 1)

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Auto, Featured, Travel | 0 comments

Any auto enthusiast will tell you one thing about cars: they are much more than metal boxes on wheels, they are precious things to be respected and paid tribute to; so today we thought we’d take a minute to look into the Coolest car museums around the world.

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Canada’s cheapest car will have its own racing series

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Auto, Featured, Media, Travel, Travel News | 0 comments

Nissan Micra, Canada’s cheapest car will have its own racing series according to the online publication Autoweek. Nissan has its auto heritage deeply rooted in the racing life dating back to the 1930s. So the new Nissan Micra racing series will be a sweet return to these good old days. Meanwhile, if you are in Canada and in search of an economy class car, you are likely to find one for rent at one of the car hire companies that are eager to offer their services.

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Last Boston auto lawn event gathers classic Japanese cars

Posted by on Oct 14, 2014 in Auto, Featured | 0 comments

After the recent American auto event at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, where about 400 Japanese classic cars lined up for a celebration attended by some 10.000 visitors, the Americans are looking forward to more Oriental old mean wheels, as the last Boston auto lawn event gathers classic Japanese cars in a display of elegance and tradition.

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Competition for Smart For Two from Mini Cooper

Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in Auto, Featured | 0 comments

The Brits from Mini are not ready to give up on the Rocketman concept just yet. Destined for glory but having remained a concept car, the Rocketman was first introduced in 2011. With its panoramic glass roof and frame made of carbon fiber, the smaller version of the regular Mini Cooper estimated lower toxic emissions and fuel economy.

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Paris Motor Show 2014 Update

Posted by on Oct 3, 2014 in Auto | 0 comments

It is happening! With the entire Paris busy to accommodate the thousands of people flooding the French capital city coming to see prestigious cars and the last gen developments in the motor industry, here is our Paris Motor Show 2014 Update.

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Top car racing video games

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Auto, Featured | 0 comments

As PC games are a great hobby for so many of the (male) population, along with cars, the option of finding yourself behind the wheel when in front of the computer presents an irresistible temptation. So let’s take a moment to see the top car racing video games available on the market now.

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