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A couple of reasons to look forward to the 2016 auto year

Dear friends, with November already here, we are less than a month away from bidding goodbye to the current year – with its good and bad news – and to welcoming the new year with much anticipation and excitement. Here are a couple of reasons to look forward to the 2016 auto year with two super car models that will brighten the beginning of the next twelve months.

Here we are today, about to talk about the new Porsche 2016 911 GT3RS. Let’s check it out and decide if it’s worth at least a drive test!

Porsche always surprises us with a mixture of elegance, poise and viability. The GT3RS can be regarded as the most spectacular and challenging to the extreme 911 model ever to have been produced. With a top speed of 193 miles per hour provided by the “monster” engine that gives 500 horsepower, this model brings the driver close to the thrill of finding themselves behind the wheel of a race car – only that the track is on the street. Of course, caution is recommended, but the car is easily reined in with its easy controls and modern high-tech gadgets.

The only available gearbox is the PDK, which boasts 7 speeds and proves quite a bit faster than a manual one. It goes from one speed to another in a fast and smooth manner.

The GT3RS provides an excellent driving experience, grounded, stable and efficient. Couple this with a cool look and you’ve got the recipe for success. Not to mention Porsche has tried to limit the weight as much as possible with the new magnesium roof, fenders made of carbon fiber and light rear windows.

Porsche is one of the most popular choices in the USA. With New York car rental, you can enjoy a great variety of options to drive safely and freely.

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