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Best-seller cars of 2014

By now, we can already make a list of the most popular auto choices of the past months based on sales and reviews. So here is our own list of the Best-seller cars of 2014. Let’s see if you agree!

Surely, there are quite considerable differences between continents (and in turn, even between countries), but there are a few models that clearly rank higher in the preferences of clients worldwide.

This year’s European revelations have been (quite predictably) the Volkswagen series (with the popular Volkswagen Golf 7 and Volkswagen Polo at the top of sales lists across the continent). According to The Telegraph, around 1.5 m Volkswagen cars have been sold so far in 2014.

Ford is overall perhaps the most popular brand of the past year, bearing in mind that it ranks second in European drivers’ preferences and first on the American auto market. In America, the Ford F-150 has been the most sought after vehicle for the past 32 years (and the best-selling pickup truck for 37 years in a row), while Ford Fiesta is the most popular car of the UK for 2014, with almost 85.000 registrations in the United Kingdom only, followed closely by another Ford model, the extremely popular Focus.

Vauxhall/ Opel, Renault and Peugeot score third, fourth and fifth respectively in market popularity in Europe, according to statistics communicated by The Telegraph.

As for the States’ market, Honda and Chevrolet score second and third as best-seller cars of 2014.

If we take a look at the Asian auto vehicles sales market, alongside Honda and Toyota, we observe the (not so very) surprising appearance of Volkswagen, the VW Bora model being the most popular car of 2014 in China.

As for luxury cars, BMW, Mercedes and Audi top the charts again, showing that the world trusts a good old German set of wheels for both elegance and comfort.

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