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Coming soon: 2016 new cars!

We know you have been anticipating the month of February for more reasons than the corny Valentine’s Day. Alas, we have some news. Coming soon: 2016 new cars! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for so long.

Another year brings another set of expectations and challenges for drivers and car manufacturers – in fact, for the entire automotive industry. With the dynamic car world always changing and reinventing itself, manufacturers need to come up with new ideas, but with another relatively “crisis-y” year from the economic point of view, affordable solutions need to be taken into consideration as well.

Everybody loves the Focus. The American car producer Ford has truly managed to win the hearts of drivers all over the world with the extremely popular full size Ford Focus. In 2016, get ready to welcome the new Ford Focus RS. With over 315 horsepower and a price around 35.000 USD, the RS is a looker in metal, a tad more muscular than the ST model.

The French manufacturer Citroen also aims to please and surprise in 2016 with its new DS 3, which comes both as hatchback and as cabriolet. With chrome wings, LED headlights, sophisticated gadgets and a cost around 25.000 USD, Citroen DS 3 is meant as a rival to Audi A1 or the lovely Mini One.

The 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 wants to take style to a new level. This amazing sports car has recently “come of age” – it’s been over 18 years since the first model hit the international markets – but it keeps getting better and better! It gets from zero to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and the engine (3.8 liter) has almost 400 horsepower. All in all a spectacular car, but also with a price to equal expectations: over 85.000 USD.

Do you think 2016 looks like a year to look forward to?

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