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Coolest Christmas presents for car lovers

Kids are not the only ones who are super enthusiastic about the coming Christmas. As we are counting the days, we thought we’d occupy today with reviewing the list of coolest Christmas presents for car lovers.

Do you happen to have among your friends people who are just so difficult when it comes to buying them presents? Still, in December we need to play Santa and you may find in the following that car lovers can be easier to figure out – and it’s easier to offer them presents than you might expect.

Coolest Christmas presents for car lovers: some ideas

When some people put chocolates and flowers, pets or accessories under the tree, those who can afford it buy (themselves or their loved ones) more expensive gifts, such as, let’s see… a car? If you do have that kind of money, you can definitely choose one of this year’s most popular models.

But for those working on a more… modest budget, here are some fun and great gifts for car lovers:

A Portable Battery Jump-Starter will take your mind off the possibility of getting a dead battery.

A headrest tablet that will keep the back seat passengers entertained during a road trip.

A reliable car remote starter, particularly useful in the cold season.

A mobile heated massage cushion that is directly fitted on the car seat.

Race tickets to one of the greatest races in the 2015 calendar, such as the Monaco Grand Prix or Indianapolis 500.

Driving shoes that need no further explanation.

The full Top Gear collection on DVD. As an alternative, according to taste and preference, you can go for Need for speed (both the games or the movies, or – why not? – both of them!)

A car rental booking for your (friends’) next exciting trip.

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