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Driving on ice, a challenge?

The world is slowly drifting from urban shades of gray and rural colorful pastures into the all-encompassing white of the snow that’s started to fall. After such a poetic and descriptive introduction, you should assume we need to get our feet (or rather, our wheels) back on the ground and talk cars.

Driving on ice, a challenge? If the answer is yes, we thought we’d spend a few minutes today discussing some of the most useful tips when it comes to driving on snow and ice in winter.

One of the fears any driver has is losing control of the steering wheel. If the tires get blocked, try to avoid excessive steering as it won’t help. Try to keep calm and let the car slide a little bit before stopping. Antilock brakes work according to the principle stomp the pedal, stay hard with your foot on the pedal and then steer.

There is a reason why we change our tires to the winter “mode”, so to speak. Winter tires have deep treads that offer stronger traction. It is also important to remember that the tires have to be well maintained and have the right amount of air. After all, it’s not the car that’s “on the tricky road”, but solely the tires, so they’re pretty vital.

To avoid breakdowns, you should also check that the level of your antifreeze is optimal and that the battery is charged with enough power to last. Don’t forget to make sure both the window defogger and the defroster function properly.

Of course, we have to admit there are some weather conditions when you simply shouldn’t find yourselves on the road at all. But at the same time, if traveling is a must and you feel your car isn’t fit for the job, you should rent a good car for a change.

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