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German cars for Polizei: BMW X4 and Golf EV, the coolest options

They protect us, they represent a force in the state and their institution needs to keep a certain standard in their image. So today we are going to look into German cars for Polizei: BMW X4 and Golf EV, the coolest options for the image of the German police forces.

Elegant, sturdy and fiable, BMW X4 is a good option for people that opt for a midsize crossover vehicle. Fitted with the right equipment, it is also an option for the German Police. AC Schnitzer has accepted the challenge of redesigning the German car with all the gears that are required by those chasing villains around the crowded towns.

The auto shop in Aachen has completely transformed a rather banal X4 2.0i, upgrading it through an ECU chip from 181 hp to a respectable 242 hp, rendering it a max speed of 131 mph. And the updates do not stop at that: design has also been boosted: the wheels are sturdy and shiny, forged in solid alloy and Anthracite color wearing, the spoilers are modified and the mirrors are covered in carbon, giving it a daring new look. Policemen will simply love driving this blue BMW.

BMW’s counterparts, Volkswagen, also suggest a Polizei car: Golf EV. This model of one of the world’s most popular and reliable cars has been endowed with Hansch LED lightbar, developed communication equipment and a loud siren and PA system. The motor is also quite spectacular: an electric little miracle that produces a decent 115 hp and 199 lb-ft torque. The capabilities of this car make it a quite good candidate for great police cars, though it can hardly match the BMW.

Meanwhile, both BMW and Volkswagen remain very popular options for civilians as well, topping sales and being counted among the most appreciated car rental options.

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