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How can I protect my car against theft?

Far be it from us to try to scare you! But the truth is that a car is a valuable asset, so the fact that it might become the object of desire for strangers with nefarious intentions. To put it in simpler words: How can I protect my car against theft?

According to international studies, one car is stolen every 20 minutes. But just to cut into this grim statistic, we have to admit that the people’s… erm, gullibility can be faulted. To give you a sample of that, here are a few examples of silly things you should avoid doing if you want to… well, not have your car stolen.

1. Don’t keep a spare key under the driver’s seat! Seriously. Studies show that around 30% of drivers do that… to variable results.

2. Don’t park your car in shady places (and by that we mean both the literal and the figurative sense of the world).

3. Don’t leave the car documents inside! This can practically be seen as an open invitation for the thief to just drive away towards the horizon.

4. Use security devices. One would be the kill switch, an anti-theft device which can block part of the electrical system of the engine. The moment the car is locked, the switch will be activated. Which leads us to a classic…

5. Don’t forget to lock the doors! There are many “puns” that crooks and car thieves will use to get inside the car when you are waiting for a red light or if you park just for a minute and forget to lock the doors.

Other anti-theft devices include: electronic and mechanic immobilizers, gearshift locks, steering-wheel locks and the loud and pretty efficient car alarms we can sometimes hear going out in the middle of the night, breaking the silence and awakening barking dogs.

Regardless of your choice, it is important to know that you do actually have simple, smart ways of protecting your car. And the rest has to do with sheer luck.

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