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Hybrid drivers have more accidents and speeding tickets

Hybrid drivers have more accidents and speeding tickets

Hybrid drivers have more accidents and speeding tickets

Do you thought that hybrid riders of all those brave tree-hugging , granola eating, sandal wearers had fewer accident and speeding tickets? Think again! An U.S. study reveals that people with a hybrid a) drive  25% more miles b) More often receive fines c) have more collisions.
So, do not pull the wool over the eyes and run by the friendly ec
o cars! Very nice course that a Prius is 20% more efficient than a … (fill in anything but himself), but if you then go driving around like mad and / or useless consumption rides will make you obviously still a lot of gasoline.
Study also pointed out that hybrid drivers are more frequently involved in an accident and that the repair is, often, also a lot more expensive than in a normal car. Is it sometimes because the hybrid it’s so quiet ? Or can hug trees ass just do not drive? Or would sometimes lie on the narrow bike tires that are standard under there?
Furthermore, it appeared also that people in a hybrid get more traffic fines. Average people got in under 100,000 miles per 0.23′s fine with hybrid drivers was on 0.38. 65% or more! They are crooks! Rascals!
Totally bent is when you consider that hybrid drivers often discount on their car insurance. Why the hell? If I drive a lot, often conflicting and fines get my premium goes right up. High time that hybrid drivers to pay more premium than owners of a ‘normal’ car. I should ask my friend that works at a car insurance company more about this.
 A lot of hybrid drivers are not eco at all, but they think about costs a lot. The cost of driving rise in the last decade, much faster than inflation, as various media headlines this days. Well say, I really had no idea! The largest cost increase in recent years are the parking and tolls, it rise by a remarkable 80 percent. Is it right?

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