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Lexus makes the most dependable cars


Lexus has been named as being the number one in regards to automotive reliability for the second consecutive year, by the J.D. Power and Associates 2013 US Vehicle Dependability Study.

Lexus was the clear leader in their survey, which ranks brands according to the number of problems that the owners have experienced with three-year-old vehicles over the past twelve months expressed as problems per 100 vehicles or PP100.

Lexus, the carmaker’s luxury division achieved a rating of 71 PP100, down from 86 pp100 in 2012.the second-place holder, Porsche, also improved its numbers from 98 PP100 last year to 94 PP100 in 2013, however the size of Lexus’s dependability ranking places it easily in the lead.

Toyota the marque and Lincoln share the third place as well with a 112 PP100 rating, while German auto-maker Mercedes-Benz rounded out the top five at 115 PP100. Lincoln’s rating has been slowly and steadily improving in the past years while Toyota and Mercedes actually decreased.

Talking about the survey in general, this has been its 24th year and it has found that vehicle dependability is at an all-time high, the industry average increasing by five percent this year to 126 PP100. The 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study is built on the responses of over 37,000 original owners of 2010 model year vehicles, and it was conducted between October and December 2012.

Brands like Ram, Suzuki, Mazda and Chevrolet managed to get themselves above the black line this year, while Ford, Hyundai and Scion went slightly under the industry average in 2012.

Maybe surprising to some, but not really to those in the know, but luxury British marque Land Rover was placed at the very bottom of the table rankings with 220 PP100, and joined by Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Jaguar just above.

All in all, the Toyota Motor Corporation has enjoyed success in seven different segments, while General Motors picked up four awards, things are definitely looking good for the Japanese carmaker.

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