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Mercedes self-driving truck: truth or dare?

While action movies continue to show us ever more dynamic special effects and incredible cars that can do unthinkable things, the people at Mercedes-Benz are busy trying to prove that reality definitely beats fiction, putting together the first Mercedes self-driving truck: truth or dare?

While the prospect of self-driving cars has its enthusiasts, one cannot ignore the potential dangers of a car “out of control”, racing as if by its own free will down a highway. It definitely needs further testing to make people warm up to the mere thought of this scenario, maybe that’s why the Germans at Mercedes have set a timespan of over a decade up to the potential release, but here it is: Future Truck 2025 the Mercedes self-driving truck.

Looking sturdy and shiny and apparently feasible from a technical point of view, Mercedes-Benz dubbed it “ the long-distance truck of tomorrow”. The need of employing drivers will be eliminated and, the manufacturers claim, so will human errors. Though it may leave a considerable number of people unemployed, the release of such self-driving cars will mean taking a great step forward towards a future that will be faster, free-er and more accessible, though less and less humanized.

To function without human intervention, the truck is fitted with a radar sensor that scans the road ahead and of course, automatic braking systems. Pedestrians, carriageways and various moving and static objects would be identified by a stereo camera placed behind the widescreen and a blind spot assist.

While we still have a few years to come to terms with the fact that self-driving, virtually free-willed cars are among us, we can still sit back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures; such as driving either your personal vehicle or a rental car. Enjoy before sitting behind the wheel becomes a thing of the past!

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