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Most popular cars in 2015 by continent

In retrospect, this year, which is slowly approaching its end, has been a quite eventful and profitable one in terms of car sales. Today, we thought we would think of a list of the most popular cars in 2015 by continent.

Popular cars are popular throughout the world – for instance, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf are all-time best setters worldwide – but there are certain specifications that fit the tastes and requirements of people on different continents and differences of mentality aren’t mere words.

Let’s find out more about the most popular cars and their greatest fans:

Let’s start with Europe. Despite the recent controversies regarding the emissions, Volkswagen Golf remains the number one best seller European car. This summer, the German manufacturer had sold almost 280.000 units.

The Brits love Ford Fiesta above all cars, but in the top European sales, the American manufacturer must be content with the second place, followed closer by the “smaller sibling” of the Golf, the convenient and economical Volkswagen Polo.

Let’s look at the situation from the American point of view. Topping the USA charts this summer were Honda Accord (with a total of almost 41.000 units in August 2015), followed closely by Toyota Camry.

As for Asia, let’s look at the laureates in the “best seller car contest” of this year! The Japanese, for instance, maybe the most relevant example, like to play safe and close to home, choosing Toyota, Honda and Nissan as their favorite brands. The most popular three models, according to the sales reports of 2015 so far, are Toyota Aqua, Toyota Prius and Honda Fit. Nissan Note follows closely on the fourth place.

Most of these cars can be found not only in individual garages all over the world, but also in the international car rental car fleet.

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