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New app determines your car problem and sends you to the nearest repair shop

Those who say we have moved our lives online aren’t all that wrong – albeit this may sound a bit of a fatalistic scenario. Another proof of this comes from the way a new app determines your car problem and sends you to the nearest repair shop.

Cars are amazing these days – and they are just getting better, with all the positive competition between manufacturers; all to the delight of car drivers, of course.

In terms of applications that make it easier and easier for drivers to enjoy all the accessibility and facilities of the latest high-tech, these also constitute an ever-expanding industry of their own.

What happens when you are having a minor technical issue with your car and have no idea where the nearest repair shop is? Well, go online with OpenbayConnect, a service that assists drivers with diagnosing mechanical issues and finding the nearest vehicle repair shop to go to.

The technical staff of the Openbay company is able to diagnose basic error codes in cars and match them to the local car shops that can perform repairs in the specific area. The application is based on the OBD II diagnostics port fitted on all cars built from 1996 on. Availability of the app is currently for iOS.

This rather revolutionary application is restricted to minor technical issues experienced by the vehicle. It does not cover situations such as collisions, for instance. The service might be of great help to independent mechanics, whose businesses will feature on the map of the application.

As more and more people are warming up to the idea of using the newest gadgets and using the Internet for all purposes, apps such as this are likely to gain more and more popularity in the course of the following years. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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