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New York Motor Show 2016, here we come!

Do we really need a reason to visit the Big Apple? New York Motor Show 2016, here we come! There, now we have no excuse but to attend this amazing upcoming automotive event, all in the traditional grand American style.

March 25rd 2016 is the day the story begins. April 3rd is the day we say “goodbye” to newfound friends and amazing new models, but the vibe of the show will stay with us long afterwards. The New York Motor Show has always been a display of color, force, entertainment and hot wheels, as you can imagine. The first show happened as early as 1900. This year’s edition, held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, promises even more glitz and excitement than before.

Here are some of this year’s stunning world debuts!

Mazda will be revealing a surprise, updated version of the MX-5. They’ve managed to keep it a secret for the most part, but at least we have a name: Roadster Coupe.

Despite the… differences of opinion between the British and the Americans, we all love UK’s tiny star on four wheels, the MINI. Well, this year’s New York International Auto Show will bring updated models Cooper S and Cooper SD with enhanced engines of 182 and 189 bhp. There is much excitement in that thought, especially for women drivers, who are statistically more likely to fall in love with the mini car.

Here’s a rumor as well: although not yet officially confirmed, Toyota just might reveal their new Prius this spring in New York. The new design centers on the rear lights, but we’ll let them surprise us.

Mercedes and Audi have also promised to unveil their new models. But where would we be without a small element of surprise? Here’s what we suggest: rent a car in New York, come to the show and tell us everything about it afterwards!

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