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Newcomer VUHL promises big and lightweight things


VUHL is a newcomer to the automaking arena, but according to them they’re planning on entering the high-tech lightweight supercar ring.

The rather interesting, and German-sounding name stands for “Vehicles of Ultra-Lightweight and High-Performance” however, the company is run by two brothers, Iker and Guillermo Echeverria who already own a Mexican-American design agency called Etxe.

There’s very little that we know about the new company, what we do know comes mostly from what they’ve announced, namely that they will debut their first car: the VUHL 05, at the 2013 edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed which takes place between July 11 and 14.

The “05” will be a road-legal lightweight supercar, precision-engineered for the track, or at least that what the company says.

Even though it is barely created, the company does have some tradition and racing heritage in its past because the two brothers’ father built GT and formula racing cars for over three decades, so there’s definitely interest, passion and knowledge there.

The only things that we can tell you about the company’s intentions comes from a statement by Iker – one of the founding brothers.

The intention of VUHL products is to build a reputation for effective simplicity and aesthetics, both guided by a purity of function. The 05 and its successors will also define themselves through uncompromising build quality as well as a rigorous attention to detail and a wonderful driving experience to boot.

The VUHL chassis will be produced and complete the final assembly in Mexico City, while the lightweight bodies will be made in Canada.

We can only wait to see what their first car looks like at Goodwood but most likely we’ll have to wait a while for an actual review of their VUHL 05.

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