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Paris Motor Show 2014 Update

It is happening! With the entire Paris busy to accommodate the thousands of people flooding the French capital city coming to see prestigious cars and the last gen developments in the motor industry, here is our Paris Motor Show 2014 Update.

Heeding warnings from ecologists and experts all around the Globe warning us about the perils presented by exhaustible resources slowly burning down, car manufacturers all around the world are competing over who will be the first to put an electric or fuel cell vehicle on sale. Toyota seems to be taking serious steps in this direction, as they plan to bring FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) to the European market next year.

These ecologic cars leave only water vapours as tailpipe emission and are powered by electricity generated by the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen. The only issue that brings production to a standstill for the Japanese manufacturer is that the vehicles need to be refilled and there is currently no infrastructure available. (Yet). Satoshi Ogiso from Toyota declares the company will not give up so easily, so there is hope for a future with (less/ no) pollution from cars.

Also, the three French great car manufacturers, Peugeot, Citroen and Renault have competed in the Paris Motor Show, each showing their shiny new models, after a difficult year, when they were close to collapse. To maintain production, the carmakers have had to reduce costs, sometimes by letting go thousands of workers and reducing the capacity of manufacturing.

Peugeot, however, is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, coming out triumphant with the Car of the Year new gen Peugeot 380 model. Peugeot is also due to release the much anticipated Quartz concept car, a hybrid petrol-electric vehicle.

If you are in France for the Paris Motor Show, enjoy! And if you need some reliable wheels to transport you through the city, you might like to look into the option of car rental.

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