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Quarter review: Best seller cars of 2017

Dear friends and car lovers (or should we address you as, “dear car lover friends”), we are entering the fourth month of this year, so it’s already time to see a Quarter review: Best seller cars of 2017.

This year has promised to be an eventful and exciting one in terms of the automotive. New models are already gracing the car salons and automobile shops all over the world are selling both the newcomers and the already consecrated best selling cars.

The British online publication Auto Express quoted Ford Fiesta as number one best selling cars on the British market as of March 2017. It seems that almost 13.000 pieces have been sold in the UK so far in three months that have elapsed since the New Year and we’re counting! The new Ford Fiesta model will definitely go along with the older versions and be just as successful. Not that the previous Fiestas hadn’t been number one best sellers as well before…

If we turn our eyes to the versatile American continent, we’ll find that in the US the shiny Toyota Camry was market leader at the end of February 2017. The model has sold almost 50.000 units and is a popular American option. The Camry is followed closely by rival models Honda Civic and its “sister”, Toyota Corolla. It seems Americans go for reasonable space, efficiency and Asian tech. Are we surprised? Probably not.

And talking about Asia, let’s turn our eyes to this fascinating market and see what car has been Japan’s favorite this 2017! Last year, Toyota Prius topped the charts in Japan and this year the model remains a best seller. Nevertheless, Japan is again turning its eyes to alternative energies. Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius Prime seem to be on their way to market domination.

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