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The most exciting auto events in Europe

If you live on the Old Continent or if you simply wish to travel to the Old World, it is important to know that, beyond the fact that it is the core of today’s worldwide pop culture, Europe is a center of events. The most exciting auto events in Europe are the subject of our article today. Let’s take a look!

Great Britain is one of the first places that come to mind when we think of the industrial revolution and machines of all sorts. Mini, Bentley and Aston Martin are internationally renowned brands and, since the automotive industry plays such an important role in the life of the country, there are auto shows to speak of in the yearly calendar.

One of these events is the Goodwood Festival of Speed, held every summer in England, in West Sussex. It attracts over 100.000 car enthusiasts and promises car history lessons, auto shows and a lot of excitement.

The British International Motor Show is held in London every two years (ever since the Crystal Palace exhibition in 1903). Car manufacturers, celebrities, music bands and even the British royals are usually present and the exhibitions are truly spectacular, attracting much international attention.

The Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany is also held every two years. Its mission is to present the most spectacular concept cars, hybrids, electric and pre-launch vehicles, as well as the new models of popular manufacturers.

Finally, an event we enjoyed this year is the Geneva Motor Show. This amazing Swiss auto event focuses not only on exhibiting cars, but also on other fields of the automotive industry, such as accessories, car design, repair and maintenance to name just a few.

The international car rental sector is often represented in auto shows throughout Europe and the entire world, as an emerging industry.

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