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Top 5 Best Cars of 2016

Dear friends, the year is slowly approaching its end, reason enough to celebrate the highs of the year we are just about to wave goodbye to. So here is an overview of it with today’s Top 5 Best Cars of 2016.
As always in the automotive industry, we can only go farther, only strive for better, only discover more challenging opportunities. Here are some of the car models which only come to prove this fact, at least as of this year:

5. One of the best pickup options this year (and ever) is the legendary Ford F-150, now all dressed up in a shiny Aluminum coat.

4. Subaru Forester seems to count as one of the prime small SUV options. Elegant and quite comfortable without being excessively large, this beauty on all its four wheels is also fitted with the best safety gears, all state of the art, such as automatic braking and forward collision warning system.

3. Are you prepared for the ultimate posh beauty, one addition to the “family” to make your wife jealous? Here it is, the (arguably) best luxury car of 2016: Lexus RX. with a rather aggressive look and stylish interior, this Lexus model proves the Japanese manufacturers know best when it comes to combining power and style in an already modern-classic brand.

2. Looking for the ultimate compact car? Honda Civic just might be the answer you are searching for. It is fun and practical, efficient and fiable and you can purchase it for a reasonable rate.

1. Electric and hybrid cars are the ultimate pursuit of those who want to preserve the environment as clean as possible and make a responsible choice. It is not hard to imagine a world where such models are perfected and come to replace the petrol or diesel-fueled cars we drive today. So this year’s choices include Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt.

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