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Top 5 Most Anticipated Cars of 2017

Dear car lovers, we are back with another top today and if last time we discussed the Top 5 cars that made for 2016 bestsellers, today we look at the future with another list of Top 5 Most Anticipated Cars of 2017.
The wait has been long, but alas, the new year is almost here and people needing to “keep up with the Joneses” need to keep up with the trends and see what is new in terms of four wheels. Here are some of the automobiles that have made our wait worthwhile.

1. 2017 looks a lot like 2071 with the new Ford GT supercar. It is a car whose sleek and sporty look seems to come out of a science-fiction movie. Fitted with a  3,5 liter twin-turbo V-6, it is a powerful, yet elegant car to brag with on any highway.

2. Here is a more down-to-the-earth option: the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan. We are all eager to see what the new model due to hit the markets in the summer of next year will look like.

3. Girls, a new updated version of the beloved Volkswagen Beetle 2017 Dune is almost here! It will offer a bit more power and a bit more length, but don’t worry: it will preserve the classic vintage look we all came to love.

4. Where would we be without an electric car in our top? Out of fashion and not in line with today’s eco tendencies, that’s what! Far be it from us to ignore such important aspects as preserving the environment as clean as possible. So our advice in terms of a good electric car is affordable and prestigious at the same time: the Tesla 3 2017.

5. And let’s end our list with a “wow” factor: the amazing Bugatti Chiron needs no introduction, but it is only available in short supply.

As we wait to be dazzled by these new automated wonders, what car will you pick to go to the NAIAS Car Show in January 2017? Take a pick from the Detroit car rental website.

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