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Top cheapest cars in 2016

We all wish we could buy a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or at least a Volvo, but let’s face it: irrespective of our wishes, we sometimes have to choose the car we can afford instead of the wheels or our dreams. But hey, a cheap car is better than no car, right? Plus, you might be in for great surprises in some cases, the price is not everything. So here is our top cheapest cars in 2016, your list of affordable transport options for the year that’s just started!

First and foremost, you need to establish what type of car you require. Prices vary according to size, of course. Assuming you are looking for a full size vehicle, a good and low cost option may be the Romanian car Dacia Logan. The technologies used are actually provided by the French manufacturer Renault and the price is more than affordable, starting from around 7000 EUR.

The Romanian national car manufacturer has imposed itself as one of the best low cost European cars, particularly popular in Central and Eastern Europe. The newer model, Dacia Sandero also has appealing prices, while Dacia Duster is widely regarded as one of the best low cost SUVs.

An affordable Sedan is the 2016 Kia Rio, with a price of 12.000 EUR. With a 6-speed manual transmission and a 1.6 liters engine capable of producing almost 140 hp, as well as fitted with electric gadgets, air con and airbags, this Kia model will surely be a popular and affordable choice this year.

Small and sporty, Chevrolet Spark costs some 10.000 EUR and consumes a relatively low amount of fuel. It is a popular choice both for Europeans and for Americans and it is likely to stay this way. Of course there are countless other options, but we need to think of reliability as well. Most of these models are reliable for international car rental as well. Which one would you choose?

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