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Top most popular cars in Europe

Dear friends, have you missed a good article with a car ranking? From time to time, we like to evaluate the top most popular cars in Europe. Let’s see what surprises such a top can bring!

Europeans trust German cars. Obviously… Whether we refer to luxury class cars like Mercedes or BMW or more accessible vehicles, Europeans trust a brand made in Deutschland. So probably the most popular car manufacturer on the continent is Volkswagen. With sales reaching up to 1.5 million cars, Volkswagen is always a winner.

Among the most marketable models sold by Volkswagen are Volkswagen Golf and its smaller version, Volkswagen Polo.

From the luxury class, members of the VW Group Audi and Porsche top the chart. Almost 200.000 Audi units have been sold so far, according to Best Selling Cars website, and almost 17.000 Porches in 2015. From the PSA Group, Peugeot and Citroen have enjoyed substantial sales. Peugeot 208 and Peugeot 308, as well as the Citroen C series remain very popular options among Europeans.

As for the French group Renault, apart from the Renault models, the company has benefited from the collaboration with the Romanian brand Dacia – now produced under the Renault aegis. With its Logan regular model, Dacia now produces one of the most popular low cost cars in Europe, sold particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. Dacia Duster, on the other hand, is particularly popular in the UK, where despite the mixed reviews it has receives, this model tops the list of low cost SUV’s.

Last but certainly not least, Ford is the American car that has forever conquered the hearts of the Europeans. Ford means tradition and car history and the most popular model on the market is Ford Focus.

All of these options are on sale on the European market, but a way of testing them is to book an international car rental online and enjoy a ride on one of these models!

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