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Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle 2015, praised for discomfort

In a world where good publicity is all that matters, while all car manufacturers strive to make their products as appealing and marketable as possible by emphasizing on the enjoyable ride the occupants will enjoy, meet Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle 2015, praised for discomfort.

While preparing to spend some time behind bars, why not get the prisoners used to the unhappiness and discomfort of their future life? This seems to be the mentality of Ford, whose motto when describing their new Transit PTV is: “[The] Only People Not Thrilled About Riding in All-New Ford Transit? Prisoners” (according to Car and Driver).

Designed in association with Ford’s North American Police Advisory Board (a group of law enforcement officers) and Havis Prisoner Transport Solutions, the Transit PTV is particularly built to offer inmates and suspects as uncomfortable a ride as possible.

How does such a vehicle look like? Well, betraying the expectations of the more imaginative, the car is not a medieval wagon fitted with torture instruments, but a rather modern-looking van, large and quite unspectacular from the outside. Fitted with high-tech control panels and quite comfortable for the driver and the front seats, it is designed to fit a maximum of 12 prisoners in the back.

In the back, the PTV has a compartmented bench and wall-mounted straps for the prisoners that are cuffed. Well, it seems no straightjackets or torture devices are available. Nevertheless, such cars may have a most welcome deterring effect on potential criminals.

Apart from the Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Ford usually produces extremely popular cars, some of the world’s best selling vehicles being models like Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Ford Galaxy. As the Paris Motor Show 2014 is approaching, the American manufacturer will also be present with new versions of Ford S-MAX MPV and Ford C-MAX MPV, something to look forward to!

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