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Virtue in waiting: the most anticipated cars for 2015

Happy New Year, dear friends and welcome back! We start the new year in force, or rather in expectation. But they say there is Virtue in waiting: the most anticipated cars for 2015 are here already. Let’s take a look!

What is a new year in the auto industry without innovations and expectations? Nowadays, manufacturers compete to produce car models that are appealing in both design and sustainability, eco vehicles that are both affordable and fitted with the latest equipments.

We hope 2015 won’t be another year of austerity. But just in case, car factories have come up with compromise models and done their best to offer starting prices of under 50.000 dollars for most of the models we are going to present in the following.

Porsche Macan is one of the most anticipated 2015 revelations. This SUV boasts a 340-horsepower V-6 engine turbocharged and an elegant sleek design, all for the modest price of around 50.000 dollars. A definite winner!

The Tesla Model X has been “designed for the benefit of the driver”, or so the creators say. It is a perfect combination of grand performance and high tech accessibility. And the greatest thing about is that it’s electric, so fuel will no longer be an issue for you.

For an almost promotional price of 25.000 dollars, you can get a Ford Mustang – America’s sweetheart on wheels. Light, fast and benefitting from a complete “facelift”, this muscle car is a must-have.

Another car we like a lot is the Alfa Romeo 4C. The Italian car earned its popularity in the 1960’s, when Dustin Hoffman drove one in “The Graduate”. Since then, the Italian manufacturers have come a long way, never abdicating from its principle: high quality and prestige.

For 2015, whether you plan to buy or to rent a car, stick with us for more exciting explorations of the auto world!

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