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Volkswagen might be looking to expand


We talked a while back about the juggernaut that is Volkswagen when it comes to the number of motorized brands under its control now when we talked about their take-over of Ducati, and back then it was rather clear that they weren’t looking at further expansion however, it appears that they might be changing that tune.

This impression was furthered by the fact that Volkswagen’s labor chief was very adamant that he would reject any additional expansion because they already have their hands quite full with the twelve brands that they’re already managing.

But in the world of high rolling acquisitions such a stance rarely stands and now there are reports that point the opposite direction.

In a recent interview with Reuters Television, Volkswagen’s CEO – Martin Winterkorn – said that while they are well positions with their dozen brands, there are always some opportunities that cannot be passed over. This is a pretty clear signal that if faced with a good deal, VW will go for it regardless of what the labor chief says or thinks.

Also in such a high echelon of business and money, one doesn’t simply say such a thing without a deeper meaning, which in turn means that Volkswagen already has their eye on a new purchase, but what brand could it be?

Looking back, at one point or another Volkswagen was looking into purchasing the resurging Alfa Romeo, but FIAT blocked them making it very clear that Alfa Romeo was not for sale. Well then where else could they be looking at?

There’s one very obvious lame duck in the automaker pond that would benefit tremendously from a massive infusion of money, and that brand is Lotus.

Lotus was once a rather successful sports car builder and they still make quality machines, however less-than stellar management and poor product planning have led the company down a path from which few automakers can recover on their own.

Technically speaking a buyout would be cheap for Volkswagen and a life saving action for Lotus, so if this happens in the future it should not come as much of a surprise.

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