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Volvo has the first ever cyclist detection system


We talk a fair bit about the newest safety features that various carmakers come up with on this blog and today is just one of those days in which we’ll be talking about Volvo’s newest safety feature: the world’s first ever cyclist detection system.

The new technology, dubbed the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake – that’s a name that just slips off the tongue – will be features on all Volvo cars equipped with the pedestrian detection system and will cause the so-equipped vehicles automatically brake when cyclists are detected swerving in front of the car.

The new system was launched at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, where the senior vice president of marketing, sale and customers service, Doug Speck talked about the system. He said that by starting cover more objects and situations, the company is reinforcing its world-leading position in the area of automotive safety. Speck furthered the point that his company is moving towards reaching its long-term vision of cars that do not crash.

The safety system has evolved thanks to new software advances that allow for faster vision processing to take place via the advanced sensors that constantly scan the area ahead of the vehicle. According to the company, when a cyclist that would be traveling in the same direction as the car suddenly swerve out in front of the vehicle, and if the system deems that a collision is imminent, a warning is then issued and full braking power is then automatically applied.

The full Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake system is capable of detecting the various object in front of the car and then determine their type and distance via radar unit and camera installed in the car’s grille and in front of the interior rear-view mirror.

The system will be available for the entire Volvo range starting mid-May.

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