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What are the 5 best hybrid cars of 2015?

We are becoming increasingly more aware of the dangers of pollution and of the fact that reducing it and working towards a “greener” and cleaner environment is a collective effort that entails the act of us all. Purchasing an eco-car just might be the first step towards achieving this general aspiration, so car manufacturers have started developing electric and hybrid cars that are becoming more and more competitive. So we have a question: What are the 5 best hybrid cars of 2015?

Without presuming to offer a definite answer to this question, here are, nevertheless, a few ideas that make up our list:

1. Chevrolet Volt 2015 is a gas/ electric hybrid capable of producing double the energy that its competitors on the market today can offer. It has an autonomy of around 38 miles and can produce an impressive 17.1 kWh with its new battery.

2. Another revelation of this year is the Ford Fusion Hybrid, a medium-size car with the comfort and elegance that Ford has gotten us all used to. It is fitted with all the high-tech gadgets of a “regular” Fusion model, plus it has an autonomy of around 20 miles, so you can easily commute to work daily without spilling a drop of gasoline.

3. The tiny full electric Renault Twizy can be purchased for around 7000 EUR. Little as it may be, it can reach a range of over 60 miles! So the idea of “going green and small” just might start sounding appealing.

4. Next on our list is a very refined hatchback: Lexus CT200h. it is optimal if you want to save fuel, perhaps the best. It is a cost-efficient, valuable investment. Beyond the 22.000 GBP initial expense, you will surely cut down on fuel costs.

5. Last but certainly not least, the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is a gem on wheels. It is a large Sedan car which can reach up to 16 miles of electric driving before switching back to petrol. While this might not be much, we are definitely thrilled to see luxury cars go green as well!

What’s on your list?

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