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10 Best Christmas gifts for drivers and their beloved cars

What happens when your better half loves their car more than (almost) everything else? Well, first there is the option of jealousy and sulking… and then there’s another idea: you can take advantage of this and surprise your loved one with an awesome present this season! So here are 10 Best Christmas gifts for drivers and their beloved cars:

1. A dual USB car charger, for those who use Maps or Waze or other internet-fueled apps and need to charge their phones during their ride. It combines utility with imagination and makes for a great gift!

2. New car seat covers, which you can even personalize with a cute pattern or with images to steal a smile off the face of your loved one.

3. A universal car mount to put your phone in place in the car. This is another ingenious and considerate gift. And let’s face it: we do tend to use phones in the car more and more, not as a distraction from driving, but as navigation systems or for music, so this tool will come in very handy.

4. A paint protection kit, including sprays and wax to keep the car shiny, clean and safe from the horrors of the cold season this time of year.

5. The winter kit is similar in fact, a liquid insulating wax designed to keep your car protected from the cold.

6. Driving gloves are a stylish touch for both “him” and “her”, both inside the car while driving and outside, while boasting about the love you have for your four-wheeled sweet travel companion.

7. A surprise for your loved one that only takes going online on auto car hire international and choosing a special car to drive your loved one – or to have your loved one drive – to a perfect vacation spot of your choice.

Merry Christmas!

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