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White is the most popular choice of paint job

Car paint is something that we haven’t yet tackled on this blog, but that will end today since we’ll be reporting that white still is the most popular automotive paint finish for 2012, according to a recent survey conducted by leading automotive coating supplier PPG Industries.

This color popularity trend survey has revealed that twenty-two percent of vehicles sold around the world featured a white paint finish, up by one percent from last year.

Silver used to be the top choice for a decade, but it was dethroned by white last year, but it did hold its ground at twenty percent of total automotive sales, while black decreased by one percent to nineteen percent overall in the 2012 survey.

The remainder of the fleet is made up by colors as it follows: grey – twelve percent, red – nine percent, natural – eight percent, blue – seven percent, green – two percent and other colors make up the rest one percent.

Even if white has created a small gap over the rest of the color field this year, the same company’s color styling manager, Jane Harrington, expects that the proliferation of color across other consumer industries will influence future color trends for vehicles.

However, the available palette of colors continues to develop and be influenced by culture, fashion, interior design, color popularity and new pigment technologies.

The survey results were presented alongside sixty-four new exterior paint colors to automotive designers to consider for their 2015-2016 model year vehicles.

Some of the colors heading to a showroom in the near future include Al Fresco – a silver metallic with fresh green tint, Victoria Grey – a classic grey with a highlight of gold metal, or Glacier – an icy graphite grey with a slight violet blue tone.

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