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A quick look at Jamaica

Jamaica surf

Usually when people think about Jamaica, visions of reggae playing Rastafarians, honeymooners and very dense billows of grey smoke come to mind, and while those may be true, there are also many other things that this island can offer.

Besides the almost year-round sunshine and the wonderfully fine white-sand beaches, the places has misty mountains and a lush rainforest, all of which are dipped in some of the tastiest coffee that you can find.

Like most other tourist destinations, there is something for everyone on this island, those who are looking for a wild party will want to head to Montego Bay which features colonial architecture and a slew of bars and nightclubs while those who want to simply laze on the beach might want to consider Negril, with its long beach, clear waters and coconut groves.

Jamaica as a tourist destination has a well deserved reputation for being possibly the most captivating, vibrant and entertaining English-speaking island in the Caribbean, and it’s incredibly beautiful to boot. The idea or concept of the Caribbean experience is somehow stronger here, Jamaica layers its culture, history and art into its more commercial side and this somehow amplifies those experiences instead of making them less prominent.

As we mentioned earlier, pretty much any time of year is a great time of year to visit Jamaica, but you may want to save your trip for the horrid winter months of the Northern Hemisphere, anytime between mid-December and mid-April, Jamaica will be basically paradise when compared to what you’re leaving at home. During that period the island is in its driest part of the year, however you should be aware that the prices will be higher as well being high season. While the weather is pretty much the same all year-round this is an island after all and it is at risk of hurricanes during September and October especially, and the actual summer months are hot and more humid, so make sure you do some detailed research when you’re planning to go there.

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