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A quick look at San Francisco

San Francisco skyline


The city of San Francisco, famous for its progressive inhabitants, having spawned the hippie movement, Golden Gate Bridge and all around eclectic nature, is also one of the few major American cities which you can explore by walking, not because it’s small, quite the opposite, but because it almost asks it of you.

There are so many facets to this city, on the one hand this is a place renowned for radical thinking and social activism, being the birthplace of the Sixties summer of love and gay rights movement as well as that of Free Speech and many local movements; on the other hand it is also the heart of the tech revolution thanks to major companies such as Apple, Google, Intel and the like having been created nearby.

While all of that is going on, for many more Americans, San Francisco acts as the capital of food and wine, this also being the place that started the farm-to-table obsession in the ’60s. The wine part of the reputation comes from the city’s proximity to Sonoma and Napa Valley, so in less than a two hour drive, you can enjoy the taste of some of the best wine estates in the country.

It is interesting to note that there is one major misconception when it comes to San Francisco, and it’s not related to its general social outlook, it’s actually related to the weather. The misconception amongst many potential tourists is that the summer months are going to be warm, and while that may be true in general, those months are more well known for featuring mists and unexpected chills. Some of the best months to visit at, some of the most stable weather-wise are actually September and October.

The city is filled with many tourist attractions, which can attract a large range of different tourists, having mentioned the Golden Gate Bridge earlier which offers some terrific views of the bay and its general surroundings, one just has to mention the infamous Alcatraz Prison, known as The Rock.

This maximum-security prison is located on a lone island located in the middle of the bay, famous for having been escape proof thanks to its location and the dangerous currents surrounding it; famous inmates included Doc and Ma Barker and of course the one and only, Al Capone.

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