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A short peek at modern Montreal



Montreal can be described in many ways, using a variety of words that don’t have a lot to do with each other, ranging from seductive to nonconformist, from edgy to unapologetic. Montreal is all of that, and much more, it is basically Canada’s focus of fun and creativity, a type of cultural chameleon that takes parts from all the many cultures that inhabit it and mixes them up into a unique sense of style and everything else from the nightlife to the interesting gastronomy.

Montreal has had its fair share of down time in the past, but it has rebounded since then with incredibly life and vibrancy. Take for instance the Plateau, it used to be a run-down, blue-collar neighbourhood, but now it amongst the city’s most hippest neighborhoods featuring some great bars and restaurants as well as a very bohemian vibe thanks to its now arty residents. The atmosphere of the place is heavily influenced and sustained by its very distinctive architecture which is characterized by spiral staircases and old Victorian homes, these make a great and refreshing contrast when compared to the standard modern homes in Montreal’s suburbs. It should be noted that the one and only Leonard Cohen still keeps an apartment in the Plateau.

Montreal has made a very specific reputation for itself in the past couple of years as a great place for foodie culture and for the culinary scene in general in North America. The city is a great culinary melting pot where you can find both haute cuisine as well as traditional local specialties such as maple syrup and poutine, it has something for everyone with dining options being almost endless.

One of the best places to taste the local smoked meat is the rather iconic Schwartz’s Deli on St Laurent Boulevard however, the city being a place of contrasts, if you’re looking for a vegan meal you can look for the popular vegan restaurant Aux Vivres which is just up the road from the Deli.

We’ve only talked about relatively recent development related to Montreal’s atmosphere and general characteristics, but long before it became the eclectic place that it is now, and long before it was a nexus of foodie culture, it was known for its European charm most evident in its cobblestone streets, which you can find in the Old Port. Taking a stroll along the river will help to drive this reputation home and you can take it all in in one of the many cafes and bakeries along the way.

There’s much more to Montreal than what we just mentioned, of course, this is just to give you an idea of the interesting things that you can see and do while there.

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