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Acapulco is still a thumping partying spot



Acapulco, Mexico rocketed to fame back in the 1950s when it was very well-known for being the hippest spot to be, especially if you were a celebrity. And when we say celebrity we’re talking the absolute best of the best from that period, the likes of John Wayne and Frank Sinatra. Those days of glitz and glamour have disappeared but Acapulco never lost its edge or its party atmosphere, it is still a port city featuring an extremely pumping nightlife, beautiful beaches and great accommodation options.

First-time visitors might be overwhelmed by the amount of things that can be seen and done while in Acapulco, however one thing, one sight that no first-time visitors should miss is to go see the La Quebrada Cliff Divers who have a knack for jumping from high cliffs into a rather narrow gorge, something they’ve been doing since 1934.

The Fuerte de San Diego has been standing guard over Acapulco since 1616 when it was built in order to protect the port from pirate raids, it now houses a museum which deals with the port’s history.

And for those who want to take a break, even if it’s for coffee or to do some shopping, just off the main square there’s the zocalo, which is lined with cafes and and all manner of shops.

When going to Acapulco you just have to experience its world-renowned nightlife, which kicks off at around midnight and once it gets going is stays going for a very long time. Younger party-goers tend to flock to the rowdy Disco beach and the Baby-O while the clubs that cater to the more chic and high-end partying public can be found on the mountainsides that circle the port, places like the Palladium or the El Alebrije come to mind.

Now when it comes to beaches, the city’s coast features about twelve miles of beaches. The south is characterized by Punta Diamante and the north by the lower-key Pie de la Cuesta. Obviously the best idea would be to try several beaches and see which one fits with your style. As far as other activities go, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing are two of the most popular on the coast while glass-bottom boats are the go-to for those who are into snorkeling and taking in the wonderful vistas of the sea.

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