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According to Nissan women are unsatisfied with the auto industry


Nissan is saying that ladies tend to be generally dissatisfied with the overall state of the automotive industry, considering that their needs and wants are generally ignored.

Rachel Nguyen – senior manager of advanced planning and strategy at Nissan North America – said recently that women have been largely ignored by the auto industry and the company’s research shows they are generally dissatisfied.

Even Nissan’s cars are still nowhere up to the standards expected by female buyers, the company’s deputy division general manager, Francois Bancon, acknowledged as much.

He continued to say that their interiors are still very much driving machine-like. This means they’re complex, difficult to use, lots of controls, and most if not all women still don’t know what they do, so this is what women reject.

The over-abundance of switches, knobs and buttons is one common gripe for female customers, most of them saying that they don’t really need to tune the suspension system or some other tiny detail somewhere in the car that they don’t really need.

With all of these being said, Nissan has plans to modify their car design philosophy in order to better accommodate the needs and desires of female buyers in their future models.

When studying the ideal vehicle partner qualities that women would want, Nguyen said, the main things are effective technologies, especially intuitive navigation systems.

Women customers are looking for interiors that are sensibly laid out and versatile. They’re looking for a type of space that they can live in, something of a holistic area that is welcoming and personal as opposed to cold and efficient. They’re looking for a place in which they can take care of guests and family and in which they can engage in a conversation and build a sense of togetherness.

Nissan is of the opinion that by adding higher levels of personalization options is one way of improving their vehicles’ appeal to women on a global scale.

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