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Aston Martin gets a new investor

Aston Martin hasn’t been going through the best of times, with the Ford Motor Company being the major stake-holder to sell out its stocks to current owners Investment Dar as well as to other investors way back in 2007.

The ranks of Aston Martin owners have increased with the private-equity firm Investindustrial. This is an investment company based in London who have agreed to purchase a pretty massive stake in the company, 37.5 %.

The investment company is expected to bay $229 million for its stake, beating off the Indian carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra for this minority slice in the British sports car company.

Investindustrial has been in the automaking news relatively recently as well, back in April it sold Ducati Motor Holding SpA to Audi.

Regardless of all of these purchases and related business decisions, the money will be a desperately-needed boost for Aston Martin, which needs to fund next-gen cars and engines in order to stay competitive.

We should note that the carmaking industry has seen a lot of luxury car brands being absorbed by the bigger names, for instance Volkswagen AG now owns Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti, while Tata Motors Ltd now owns the Jaguar Land Rover Group.

Aston Martin Chairman Dave Richards has said that he is delighted to welcome the new major investor to Aston Martin, saying that thanks to the support of The Investment Dar, they’ve made a lot of progress over the past five years in creating one of the world’s leading luxury sports car manufacturers.

The founder and chairman of Investindutrial is also looking to see if they can induce the same type of rejuvenation that they achieved with Ducati.

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