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Austrian ski resorts



Austria is world-renown for its wonderful mountain resorts and historic cities, it is a top tourist destination all year round, but most people associate the country with winter sports and they do so for good reasons, the country is after all mostly covered by the Alps. In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at some of the top ski resorts that Austria has to offer.



Known by many as the “sun terrace of the Arlberg”, this ski resort is a sanctuary, devoid of roads, traffic and the subsequent noise and odors that follow those things. The place is actually only reachable by cable car or by foot – or skis – via the slopes and the ski runs, two-hundred and sixty kilometers of prepared ski runs suitable for all levels of skiing ability.

Once you step our from your hotel, you will find yourself surrounded by what can only be described as a magical snow landscape, popular with skiers, snowboarders and ice carvers, dotted with over eighty lifts and cable cars, thus making the entire region accessible. Not to mean that the region is that rugged, no it is remote but not rugged, the entire place can be accessed by walking or skiing there.

Thanks to its location at a height of 1.750 meters above sea level, the resort pretty much guarantees snow from November till May, so you’ll always find perfect conditions as long as you visit during that time interval.



This resort counts itself amongst the few remaining classic ski resorts, featuring great skiing opportunities, always great snow levels and a picturesque village to boot. The interesting thing about this particular resort is that the village is one of the highest genuine villages in the Alps, located at about 3080 meters – 10100 feet – which is a lot after any standards.

The small settlement of Hochgurgl is made up entirely of large and luxurious hotels, and sprouted up since the 1960′s when the first hotel was built by the local Scheiber family. Ever since then the place has seen very steady and well managed development, so much so that the place is studied as a model for Alpine development.



This ski resort is located in the Zillertal valley, a scenic place located in the heart of Tirol and Austria, and is one that is very popular with foreign tourists. The interesting thing about this resort is that it blends the country’s traditions with the trappings of modern life and as such is the type of place where you’ll see traditional farms in one place and then luxury hotels not far away.

The backdrop of Mayrhofen is offered by the striking peaks of the surrounding valley and mountains, these are three thousand meter summits which allow for a wide variety of outdoor activities, regardless of season.

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