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Autonomous vehicles and the public perception


Autonomous driving vehicles are quite the talking subject lately in the car making world and we’ve been on top of the developments and probable issues that face them in the future.

So it should be important to see what the consuming public actually has to say about the idea. It appears that US consumers are much more interested in using a car with an autonomous driving system developed by a major tech company rather than a traditional car maker.

The study asked drivers from Los Angeles, Chicago and New Jersey if they’re more willing to drive a self-driving vehicle employing a system developed by Apple or Google, as opposed to one developed by Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz or Nissan.

The questionnaire asked the drivers to rank their willingness to use an autonomous-driving system developed by certain brands on a scale of one to ten.  Chevrolet and Nissan were ranked at five out of ten, Mercedes-Benz at 7.75 and Apple and Google at eight.

When it come to driver openness towards autonomous driving, California drivers proved to be the most open to the concept, giving the concept of self-driving cars a nine out of ten.

New Jerseyites showed an overall willingness of six points, while those from the Windy City only gave it a four out of ten. According to the study this difference in acceptance of the idea might be attributable to patterns of traffic in congestion in the cities that the respondents came from.

Another part of the study was that luxury car drivers were the most willing to adopt autonomous-driving technologies, mostly because they were more likely to have already been exposed to the most advanced driver-assist options.

Least surprisingly, the respondents least keen on the idea of autonomous cars were those who called themselves as driving enthusiasts, but even they said that they could be swayed by the prospect of reduced commute times as well as an option to disable the system.

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